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Chef Keesha

Keesha D. Waits is a Certified Pastry Chef, who has graduated from the College of Culinary Arts, and Le Cordon Bleu- Austin Texas. She has always been a baker and her fondest memories are from childhood baking “delicious” desserts for family gatherings or the one-of­a kind cakes her mother would bake for her birthdays.

Keesha has two strong passions, fitness and baking. When her family moved to Austin, Texas in 2006, she was torn with pursuing personal training full time or attending one of the best culinary schools in the state. Well...she chose both!

Shortly after finishing her Patisserie and Baking Certification she and Gloriana Koll opened a specialty cake shop in south Austin.

After the cake shop closed in 2011, the granola business began, evolving into Kitchun. With Keesha's battles with rheumatoid arthritis, a grain-free lifestyle makes for better days. After searching the market for tasty grain-free snacks and finding a void, she and Gloriana decided who better to bring those products to the market?They began creating grain-free snacks that not only taste great but make you feel great too!