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Why Grain Free?

You may know that grain free eating is all the rage these days.  You eat mostly grain free yourself but can't always remember why.  Going grain free with your diet has a lot of health benifits and we are here to help! Here are few big reasons that support a grain free diet and links to some great articles to help you understand why! 1) Grains prevent mineral absorption 2) Grains cause inflammation in the body 3) Grains are bad for your gut 4) Grains cause an insulin spike 5) Grains cause excess weight gain

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Healthy Lunches and Snacks

back to school healthy snacks kid friendly paleo lunches paleo lunches

The kids are starting back to school now and we know ya'll are excited about that!!!  If only you could figure out how to make healthy lunches that you know the kids would love.  Kids can be very picky, so we end up buying processed junk we know they will eat.  Kitch is here to help you out and secretly help the kids out with out them knowing;)   There are tons of resources on the internet for healthy and fun kid lunches.  We are going to give you a few to start with.  See what works for you, your...

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What is Fearless Fooding?

Fearless Fooding

  No-Grain-Ola comes from our chefs' fearless approach to cooking that flips the kitchen table.  They have created brave mixtures of raw nuts, seeds, and dried fruits — made with natural sweeteners and spices and baked to perfection.  Kitch wants you to enjoy your snack without being fearful of what you are eating. That is why they only use healthy, good for you ingredients you can recognize, and the snacks are grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.   Fearless fooding means eating traditional real foods that come from good sources. It means you're not afraid to eat. It means to learn how to make...

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No-Grain-Ola, the evolution of KITCH!

Gluten free grainfree granola Kitch No-Grain-Ola Paleo

Gloriana and Keesha met in 2007 while attending the Texas Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu specializing in Patisserie.  After graduation in 2008, they opened a specialty cake business named Cake, Please!  They worked the business while trying to juggle growing families. Their children, including newborns were regulars in the kitchen.  Keesha now has 3 children and Gloriana has 2.  They were just two friends who loved baking together and getting to bring their children to work and have fun!  As the business grew, so did the time commitment. They left the cake business to spend more time with their families....

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