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Big Things Are Happening!

  It has almost been a year since we started off on our No-Grain-Ola journey! Now, new exciting things are happening with Kitchun every week!   Check out our new blog page An Ungrained Life on Facebook and Instagram.  An Ungrained Life is the experience of living life without grains. The joys and the stresses of it all. Share in our journey Ungrained.  Our posts will be all about a grain free lifestyle. It seems like only yesterday we were just selling our product at the farmers market.  Now, we have several retailers that sell our No-Grain-Ola in the local Austin...

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The Chefs of KITCHUN

Keesha D. Waits, Co-Founder of KITCH LLC, is a Certified Pastry Chef, College of Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu Austin Texas. She grew up in a small town in North Carolina and has been baking for as long as she can remember. When her family moved to Austin, Texas in 2006, she was torn with pursuing personal training full time or attending one of the best culinary schools in the state. Well...she chose both! Shortly after completing her Patisserie and Baking Certification she and Gloriana started on their path together as entrepreneurs. Over the years their business has grown and...

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New Years Resolution and What We BELIEVE In!

Kitch 2016 New Years Resolution As a company, we resolve to grow awareness of the grain free eating lifestyle, grow our business to a household name, and give back to our community. Look for our new look in 2016! Be a part of the KITCHUN movement by sharing, liking, purchasing and giving testimonials. What is your New Years Resolution?!   Now let's talk about What We Believe In as a company! Being Neighborly. We love cooking for people. If you were our neighbor, we’d have brought you over some food by now– because food is how we say “Hello”. Innovation. We’re always thinking up new...

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Surviving the Holidays

Holiday clean eating can be VERY difficult! Need a few tips?! No worries, Kitch is here to help! Stick with these pointers and you'll be just fine! - Eat before you go to those indulgent holiday parties! - Stay near the veggie and fruit trays! - Have a booze alternative. Sparkling water with a lime is a great option! - Always be prepared when traveling and have healthy snack options available! - Don't start a diet or clean eating challenge during the holidays! - Try and stay active with exercise! - And finally...Don't be so hard on yourself!  Remember it's...

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Eat Seasonally

Fall is here and all the yummy summer produce is out of season.   Don't worry, there are still lots of great options for fruits and veggies in the fall and winter!  A great way to check out what's in season is to check your local farmers markets or local CSA(community supported agriculture).  If you are here local in Austin, check out The Texas Farmers Market.  Kitch is at the Lakeline Market every Saturday with our No-Grain-Ola!  Here is a list of the in season fall produce.    

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