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PRESS RELEASE: The KITCHUN, an Austin-based Brand, Donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

AUSTIN, Texas — On October 5, 2017 The KITCHUN donated over 2,000 bags of their “no-grain-ola” to the Texas Gulf Coast’s families and communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey.
After learning that the Central Texas Food Bank was looking for healthy, nonperishable food items for their Hurricane Harvey Relief program, The KITCHUN staff immediately went to drop of their donations. 
“We donated packages of our ‘no-grain-ola’ because they're known as good-for-you, wholesome products made of recognizable ingredients,” said Keesha, Co-Founder and Chef of The KITCHUN. “Our main goal was to show our support and send our condolences to those impacted by the storm, but ensuring they’re in good health as they begin to rebuild their communities is a major plus!”
Throughout the years Austin has been declared one of the fittest cities in the nation, so it’s only appropriate that the reputation follow them when taking donations for their disaster relief programs.
The network of Food Banks across Texas systematically work together when different communities are in need, therefore the Central Texas location will be transporting these donated items immediately to the Houston area where they’re needed most.
“As a Texas-based business and national growing brand, we’re dedicated to supporting our local Texas communities,” said Gloriana, Co-Founder and Chef of The KITCHUN.
The KITCHUN is continuously searching for more ways to aid those along the Texas Gulf Coast who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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