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The Chefs of KITCHUN

Keesha D. Waits, Co-Founder of KITCH LLC, is a Certified Pastry Chef, College of Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu Austin Texas.

She grew up in a small town in North Carolina and has been baking for as long as she can remember. When her family moved to Austin, Texas in 2006, she was torn with pursuing personal training full time or attending one of the best culinary schools in the state. Well...she chose both! Shortly after completing her Patisserie and Baking Certification she and Gloriana started on their path together as entrepreneurs. Over the years their business has grown and evolved into KITCHUN, a grain-free foods company. With Keesha's few battles with rheumatoid arthritis, a grain-free lifestyle makes for better days. After searching the market for tasty grain-free snacks and finding a void, she and Gloriana decided who better to bring those products to the market! They began creating grain-free snacks that not only taste great but make you feel great as well. Problem solved!


Gloriana Guerra Koll, Co-Founder of KITCH LLC, is a Certified Pastry Chef, College of Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu Austin Texas

A Texas girl at heart, Gloriana Koll spent her youth between Texas and Kansas. In 2007, Gloriana attended the Texas Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu. It was there that she met Keesha Waits. Starting a family made her re-evaluate the foods she was cooking. After doing research, she discovered that a grain-free diet would be best for her family. “I knew I wanted to make a change and after learning all the benefits of a grain free life, I slowly made the transition at home”. This led to the discovery that there weren’t many snacks available to suit this lifestyle. Out of the notion that people shouldn’t sacrifice their love of sweets for tasteless snacks just for the sake of being “healthy”, Gloriana and Keesha began working on recipes to solve this “problem”. Tired of reading labels with unrecognizable ingredients they wanted to give people a reason to feel good again about what they were eating and take the “fear” out of what was in their food. It was then that KITCHUN NO-GRAIN-OLA was born.

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