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What is Fearless Fooding?

Fearless Fooding

  No-Grain-Ola comes from our chefs' fearless approach to cooking that flips the kitchen table.  They have created brave mixtures of raw nuts, seeds, and dried fruits — made with natural sweeteners and spices and baked to perfection.  Kitch wants you to enjoy your snack without being fearful of what you are eating. That is why they only use healthy, good for you ingredients you can recognize, and the snacks are grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

  Fearless fooding means eating traditional real foods that come from good sources. It means you're not afraid to eat. It means to learn how to make your own fearless food! Grow a garden and use what you've grown. Buy fresh local produce from the farmers market. Experiment and have fun!!!

 What does fearless fooding mean to you?!


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