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No-Grain-Ola, the evolution of KITCH!

Gluten free grainfree granola Kitch No-Grain-Ola Paleo

Gloriana and Keesha met in 2007 while attending the Texas Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu specializing in Patisserie.  After graduation in 2008, they opened a specialty cake business named Cake, Please!  They worked the business while trying to juggle growing families. Their children, including newborns were regulars in the kitchen.  Keesha now has 3 children and Gloriana has 2.  They were just two friends who loved baking together and getting to bring their children to work and have fun!  As the business grew, so did the time commitment. They left the cake business to spend more time with their families.

Later, they started making granola bars for fun in the kitchen for themselves and their children. Their friends and families loved them! At the same time, they were both looking into gluten free eating for their families so they used gluten free oats.  They had many suggestions that their granola was good enough to sell somewhere, so they started selling at the Farmers Markets as Granola Mama( a play on the fact that they were mamas in the kitchen baking granola).  They thought this was a great plan just to work a couple of days a week together.

By the summer of 2014 they had both taken grains out of their diets and saw a need for more grain free snack options so they took the grains out of the granola.  At this point they knew they wanted to get more serious about the business again and began actively promoting the product and making changes. They played with new flavor combinations and tweaked the previous recipes. In 2015 they changed the name and brand to better suit the growth as a company as they have so much more planned for the future of the business. All of that and they are still friends who have fun baking together!


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