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Paleo friendly summer refreshments!

  Are you always looking for refreshing drinks during the summer that fit in your Paleo lifestyle?  Kitchun found some great recipes for you!  We hope you enjoy them in this hot weather this summer. We always encourage you to be creative and fearless in the kitchen! Try out your own recipes and let us know how they turn out;)   Frozen Coconut Limeade by Paleo Leap Paleo Banana Chocolate Shake by Paleo Grubs Pineapple Mint Sparklers by Eat Something Delicious    

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Paleo f(x) 2016 success!

Wow, what a weekend!  We hope you were able to make it out to Paleo f(x) this past weekend.  We are now officially Kitchun and are rolling out new products late summer.  Our packaging will be in transition until all of our Kitch bags are gone and only Kitchun bags will be out.  We had a lot of people remember us from last year and new people loving our products!  We can't wait for the future and what lies ahead for Kitchun!  If you didn't get a chance to stop by Paleo f(x) this year, here's a photo recap!   ...

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One of the biggest challenges with living a paleo lifestyle is knowing where to go to eat out and how to order.  Kitchun is always here to help!  If you haven't tried these places yet, go do it now!  Some are very strict Paleo and others are very Paleo friendly.  Two of the options actually carry our very own Kitchun No-Grain-Ola!  Great minds think a like!     PICNIK SNAP KITCHEN WHOLLY COW DAILY JUICE CAFE PEOPLES RX  

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Spring Clean Your Fridge & Pantry!

Spring is here and it's a great time to clean out your fridge and pantry!  Need a little help with what to throw out and what to add to your list of what to buy?!  The Kitches are always here to help! Here are three easy steps to spring cleaning your kitchen! 1) CLEAN- Working with one area at a time, clean every shelf and drawer of your refrigerator and pantry. Throw away food that is out of date, spoiled, or not on the Paleo list! 2) REPLENISH- Take this opportunity to start fresh and add some of the Paleo staples!...

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Big Things Are Happening!

  It has almost been a year since we started off on our No-Grain-Ola journey! Now, new exciting things are happening with Kitchun every week!   Check out our new blog page An Ungrained Life on Facebook and Instagram.  An Ungrained Life is the experience of living life without grains. The joys and the stresses of it all. Share in our journey Ungrained.  Our posts will be all about a grain free lifestyle. It seems like only yesterday we were just selling our product at the farmers market.  Now, we have several retailers that sell our No-Grain-Ola in the local Austin...

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